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Walmart Employee Makes Unexpected Discovery Inside Car That Had Been Parked In Lot For 3 Weeks

The groundskeeper of a Maryland Walmart who investigated a foul smell emanating from a parked car stumbled upon a revolting surprise: the decomposing remains of a woman’s body.

Authorities believe the woman’s body had been decomposing for about three weeks when it was found.

The 2002 Chrysler Sebring was reportedly parked “suspiciously” far away from the store. The groundskeeper found the car – and the body – at around 3 p.m. on Thursday as he was mowing the store's lawn.

Despite the car’s strange location, Elkton Police Department spokesperson Lt. Joseph Zurolo said that “It doesn’t appear to be foul play.”

“The car was parked in an isolated area of the Walmart parking lot,” Zurolo added. “It wasn’t in the mix with all of the other vehicles.”

The store’s surveillance footage shows the woman pulling into the parking space on May 29. Authorities have said that the woman can be seen getting out of the driver’s seat and moving into the back seat.

After that, noted Zurolo, “the car never moves.”

The woman is believed to have been 37 years old. The vehicle in which she was found had Delaware license plates.

The body has been taken to the Maryland State Medical Examiner’s Office in Baltimore for an autopsy.

Elkton police are currently working at positively identifying the woman’s remains and have not yet released the woman’s identity.

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Photo Sources: American Enterprise Institute


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