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Walmart Employee Caught Using Deodorant And Returning It To Shelves

An 18-year-old Walmart worker in South Carolina has admitted to stealing merchandise. But that isn't the worst of it. He was also using deodorant sticks at the start of his shift and putting them back on the shelves.

According to reports, Chandler Roberts admitted to “stealing several items” when he was confronted after first being caught on the store’s surveillance camera bringing milk and Oreos to the staff break room. Security officers began observing his behavior, and once they confronted him, he admitted to stealing more than $1,800 in merchandise.

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It was also discovered that Roberts had taken, used, and immediately returned deodorant sticks on numerous occasions.

Roberts has since offered to return items that he stole and has reportedly given some of them over to asset protection. It’s unknown if any of the deodorant used by Roberts was ever purchased by a customer. The situation is still being investigated.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Smoking Gun, Colorado News Day


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