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You Won't Believe Who Designed This New, Futuristic Truck (Video)


Walmart’s new delivery trucks look like they are straight out of "Transformers." 

The newly designed Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience (WAVE) is made to be more aerodynamic and fuel efficient than other trucks of its kind (video below), Gizmodo reports.

The testing has just started on the micro-turbine hybrid WAVE powertrain that’s able to be powered by diesel, biodiesel, natural gas, and other fuel sources get to hit the markets. Similar to a Tesla, the truck can run like an electric vehicle, running on just a set of on-board batteries. Though, its electric-only breadth is vastly limited.

The space-age-looking vehicle is at least 20 percent more aerodynamic than the current Walmart trucks, and it contains a center-mounted driver’s seat enclosed by large windows as well as LCD screens, providing views around the vehicle.

The new WAVE trailer has also been remodeled and is made completely of carbon fiber, 53-foot panels, and it is 4,000 pounds lighter than a normal trailer – though it has more volume due to being so aerodynamic.

Walmart currently has 7,000 tractor trailers in its fleet, so it makes sense that they would have an interest in creating more fuel-efficient delivery trucks.

According to Walmart’s official blog, there's no mention of when or if the WAVE will ever be part of Walmart's official fleet. Despite the fact that it's an enterprise that's chiefly intended to improve the company's bottom line, the advances and exploration here could possibly affect new vehicles in the future.

Sources: Rare, Gizmodo, Walmart / Photo credit: Walmart

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