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Tranny Granny Costume Removed After Online Backlash

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Walmart and Amazon have recalled a Halloween costume due to complaints over its offensive nature.

WJLA reports that the "Tranny Granny" costume has been removed from Walmart’s and Amazon’s websites, after the costume faced harsh backlash online.  Some have called it offensive to the transgender community. 

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The costume is a polka-dotted cap and dress, with glasses, sandals, and a broom, meant to symbolize a grandma, but the costume is intended for an adult man.  

While quoting a transgender activist, style writer Rachel Lubitz explained the issue in Mic:

"The word 'tranny' and the stigma associated with it is often used to humiliate, dehumanize and degrade transgender women in a way that challenges and discredits our womanhood," Ashlee Marie Preston, a transgender activist, said in an interview. "When society refuses to view us as women, we are instantly filed away under the 'it' category and stripped of our humanity."

Not only that, it's furthering the idea that transgender people are a joke. 

"Placing a cisgender man in 'granny-like' attire, and marketing it as the 'Tranny Granny Costume,' is such a poignant reflection of how society views trans women," Preston said. "It perpetuates the idea that at the end of the day we are merely men in women's clothing. The trans experience is often dismissed and rarely taken serious; and Wal-Mart's illustration of what a 'tranny' looks like underscores the sophomoric, slapstick, campy humor associated with being transgender or a 'tranny.'"

The costume was originally listed by a third-party vendor named Rasta Imposta.  Rasta Imposta is reportedly still selling the costume through its own channels, but has renamed it the "Manny Granny."

Sources: WJLA, Evan Ross Katz/Twitter, Mic / Photo credit: WJLA

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