Walmart Brawl Takes An Unexpected, Deadly Turn (Video)


Police released a video (shown below) showing a horrific fight that took place in the parking lot of Walmart in Cottonwood, Arizona, and resulted in the death of one suspect and the shootings of two others, including a police officer.

Police responded to an incident at the Walmart after a female employee claimed she was trying to use a restroom but was stopped by members of the Gaver family, who told her their mother was using the bathroom. The family then reportedly began shoving her to make sure she couldn't get past the door. The employee claimed she was physically assaulted by the family members. When cops arrived at the scene, they found the family in the parking lot. They reportedly asked to speak to them about the incident, but were instead attacked, reports CNN.

The brawl included eight people of the Gaver family and at least four police officers, according to USA Today. During the seven-minute brawl, Enoch Gaver, 21, reportedly took Sgt. Jeremy Daniels' firearm and shot him in the leg with it. Officer Rick Hicks says he responded by hitting Gaver with a baton but that, when he realized that wasn't subduing the suspect, he shot him to death, reports USA Today. Hicks also reportedly shot and wounded David Gaver, who he said had been on top of Daniels and who then charged toward him.

Hicks was placed on leave immediately following the incident. Cottonwood Police Chief Jody Fanning granted him permission to return to the department on Friday, after saying the preliminary investigation provided enough evidence to prove his actions had been justified. 

At least three members of the Gaver family are part of a Christian rock group called Matthew 24 Now. They live out of their Chevrolet Suburban, according to police.

Fanning says she is unsure why the Gavers chose to fight with police instead of talking to them.

Five of the family members have reportedly been arrested and are being charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, hindering prosecution, and resisting arrest. 

Sources: CNNUSA Today/Photo Credit:


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