Walmart Allegedly Refuses To Write "Gay" On A Cake


Anthony Martinez, a student at Desert Oasis High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, is gay and didn’t have a date for his senior prom. His best friend and fellow student, Jacob Lescenski, is straight, but he asked Martinez to prom. 

Lescenski’s “promposal” went viral, thanks in part to the  rhyming sign he presented Martinez, which read: "You're hella gay, I'm hella str8, but you're like my brother, so be my d8?”

The friends had a great time at prom, but a local Walmart nearly put a damper on their evening. Martinez’s aunt, Jennifer Sandoval, was so excited about Lescenski’s promposal, she decided to get a cake for her nephew.

"It said: 'You're gay, he's straight, you're going to prom, you couldn't have had a better date,'” Sandoval told KVVU.

An associate allegedly told her she couldn’t write the word “gay” on the cake. She asked to speak to speak to someone else. "Supervisor takes my phone, looks at it, and was like stuck for a minute, and she was like, 'OK, I'm sorry, we can't use this'. And then I said, 'I'm going to ask you what I asked her because you're the supervisor. Why can't I use this? I don't understand. It's one word. It's gay,'" Sandoval said.

She eventually settled on a cake that read, "You matter, prom kings,” but she was disappointed. "Even though he liked what was on there already, I just wanted what I originally wanted,” she told Teen Vogue.

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A Walmart spokesperson said that management wasn’t contacted about the issue and it’s not against the store policy to write “gay” on a cake. A store manager said they want to make it up to Sandoval, but it was too too late. 

"It wasn't hurtful. It was to make my nephew happy, to see a smile on his face. I love that smile, to see that smile, that's all I wanted, and I'm disappointed. I really am," Sandoval said.

Sources: KVVU, Teen Vogue Image via Teen Vogue


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