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Watch As This Thief Receives A Heavy Dose Of Instant Karma (Video)

Right after an unsuspecting man had his wallet stolen from right in front of him, the criminal who snatched it got a serious dose of karma that was caught on camera.

Surveillance footage shows a man sitting at a restaurant minding his own business when suddenly, the perpetrator runs up behind him, grabs his wallet off the table, and starts to flee. The victim immediately stands up to chase after the thief, but luckily, karma caught up with the guy first.

Just as it looks like the thief might get away on foot, oncoming traffic proves to do its job, and the thief runs right into the side of a vehicle in the middle of the road, knocking him right to the ground. The perpetrator is obviously disoriented as he struggles to get up, but by that point, the victim is able to grab his wallet. The thief seems to realize that he’s already down for the count, so he runs away right before the clip ends.

Check out this guy’s dose of instant karma in the video below.

Sources:Barstool Sports, Huffington Post / Photo Source: Barstool Sports


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