'Walking Dead' Viewer Found Guilty of Killing Wife


Jeffrey Trevino was found guilty on Wednesday of smothering his wife Kira Steger on Feb. 22 and dumping her body in the Mississippi River, where it turned up on May 8.

After Steger's death, police focused on Trevino who posted a photo (right) of himself and Steger on Facebook that parodied AMC’s zombie TV show "Walking Dead."

According to the New York Daily News, the picture's caption said, “Me and the wife out for a walk in the park."

When police searched the couple's home back in February, there was blood splattered on the walls and various cleaning fluids soaked in the carpet.

Prosecutors claimed that Trevino killed Steger after he discovered she had been unfaithful and was preparing to file for divorce.

Steger had been texting a Mall of America co-worker while she and Trevino were on a “date night.”

According to prosecutors, Trevino killed his wife when they returned to their Minneapolis, Minn. home that night.

The jury found him guilty of second degree murder without intent, which means Trevino didn't intend to kill his wife.

Trevino will be sentenced on November 25 and faces up to 40 years in jail.

“The amount of time he’s looking at isn’t enough. I don’t care if he got a hundred years. It still wouldn’t have been enough," Kiar's father Jay Steger told The Star Tribune.

Sources: The Star Tribune and New York Daily News


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