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Walgreens Allegedly Refused Service To Disabled Vet Because Of His Service Dog

A disabled veteran alleges that a Texas Walgreens manager made him leave the store because of his service dog.

Christopher Goodson, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, claims he entered the store to buy a beverage and the manager told him to “get the dog out,” reports KDFW.

“He could have walked up and discreetly asked me, ‘Is this a service dog?’” said Goodson.

The manager did not ask Goodson if Ben was a service dog, but he says he did tell the manager.

It did not matter.

Because Ben was not wearing a vest, even though Goodson showed the manager his special tag and ID card, the manager refused service to Goodson.

“Everything I was telling him, he was just blowing it off,” said Goodson.

Goodson has the support of Ben because of his chronic post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Ben helps him deal with depression and nightmares from his service in Afghanistan.

FreakOutNation reports that The Americans with Disabilities Act does not require service dogs to wear a special vest.

Goodson says the dog was not wearing a vest because it was hot outside.

Part of the altercation between Goodson and the store manager was caught on tape by Goodson’s wife.   Goodson can be found cursing on the video.

“Yes, I did use profanity with him, but he had me that mad,” Goodson. said.  “He showed that much disregard for my personal feelings.”

This not the first time Goodson has encountered a situation such as this. He does claim it is the first time it was handled unprofessionally.

A Walgreens spokesperson made the following statement: “Service animals are welcome in our stores, and we understand the help they provide….we will make sure our employees at this store fully understand the rights for use of service animals.”


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