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Wal-Mart Selling "Naughty" Costumes For Toddlers This Halloween (Picture)

Every Halloween, thousands of adults and teenagers use the holiday as an excuse to go out in public wearing as little as possible. Typically modest people have been dressing up as scantily clad nurses and teachers for years.

Well, Wal-Mart wants your toddler to get in on the party. For the everyday low price of $19.97, you can dress your little one as a “Naughty Leopard” or a “Devil Diva” this Halloween.

The costumes (see below) don’t seem inappropriate. The only real issue here is Wal-Mart’s questionable marketing terms for the outfits. Are there really many parents out there who like the idea of buying their 4-year-old a daughter a “naughty” costume?

Apparently the costumes aren’t the best quality either (shocker). The only review of the costume on Wal-Mart’s website says the outfit is made of cheap fabric and falls apart. Don’t waste your hard earned money on cheap naughtiness.

Here’s the now-infamous Devil Diva outfit:

Image placeholder title

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