Waitresses, Customers Carry Guns in Colorado Restaurant (Video)


Shooters Grill, a restaurant in Rifle, Colo., allows its waitresses and customers to carry guns.

A sign in the restaurant reads: “Guns are welcome on premises. Please keep all weapons holstered, unless the need arises. In such cases, judicious marksmanship is appreciated.”

Shooters' owner Lauren Boebert started carrying a gun after opening the eatery a year ago, and all of her waitresses followed her lead (video below).

"We don't worship guns. We worship Jesus," said Boebert told 9 News. "We're here to serve people."

The type of food being served includes: Swiss and Wesson grilled cheese sandwich, M16 burrito, and Locked and Loaded nachos.

Shooters Grill doesn't serve alcohol, which is why people can carry guns.

“We encourage it, and the customers love that they can come here and express their rights,” Boebert told the Summit Daily. “This country was founded on our freedom. People can come in carrying their gun, and they can pray over their food.”

“I consulted with my Christian friends and everyone said ‘Shooters’ sounded like a bar or a strip joint," added Boebert. "But I thought, this is Rifle, it was founded around guns and the Old West. We called it Shooters and started throwing guns and Jesus all over the place.”

The tiny town of 8,000 has little crime. The last gun-related murder was when a man shot seven people, killing four of them, in 2001. The shooter was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Sources: Summit Daily and 9 News


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