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Waitress Who Received 'Anti-Gay' Check Has Reputation For Lying, Say Friends And Former Coworkers

A Bridgewater, N.J., restaurant is checking security footage and computer records to determine whether the anti-gay note supposedly left for a 22-year-old waitress is actually a hoax.

Two weeks ago, Dayna Morales claimed a patron left her a note that read, “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life.”

A couple came forward Monday to announce the receipt looks like their bill from Gallop Asian Bistro, but that they didn’t write the note. The couple told NBC New York their customer receipt says they tipped the server, and their credit card statement shows they tipped $18 — shelling out a total of $111.55 that evening.

“It’s not my handwriting,” Morales said when the TV reporter confronted her. “I don’t know.”

Former coworkers and friends of Morales said Tuesday that Morales has a reputation for lying, from telling people she shaved her head because she was diagnosed with brain cancer to later claiming it was a friend who had brain cancer.

Former coworkers at a daycare center where Morales worked were told that her Stony Point, N.Y., home was damage by Hurricane Sandy. She said the storm left a boat in her living room. When the coworkers later dropped by the house, they found only minor damage to carpets and no boat.

“Every story she comes up with has a lie,” said 23-year-old Julie Howat, of Pomona, N.Y. “Any tragedy that happened, she had to be a part of it. She needed sympathy and empathy.”

“You can’t believe much of what she says,” said Karolee Larkin, 23, a former classmate who also worked at the daycare center.

After the receipt went viral, people across the globe began sending Morales money.

“It’s like she’s taking it to a whole other level,” Howat said. “Now you’re lying to people to get their money. It’s not even for sympathy now.”

The owner of Gallop Asian Bistro Byron Lapola would not comment on the story until the matter was investigated. He did say that Morales is not currently on the restaurant schedule. He added that the staff had been told to discount an entrée from the family’s check and credit the difference as a tip.

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