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Georgia Waitress Gets Nasty Note Instead Of Tip (Photo)

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Georgia waitress Yuridia Tobias was shocked and appalled when she received a nasty note instead of a tip.

The note read, “Kill yourself,” according to Fox 11.

Tobias works at the Cozumel Mexican Restaurant in Fairburn, Georgia.

“To literally take the time to really write that to anybody, it’s just really uncalled for,” Tobias said.

She added that she didn’t want sympathy from anyone, but for people to simply understand that this sort of response is unacceptable.

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“There are people who literally lose their lives over stuff like this,” Tobias said.

Tobias noted that she isn’t sure what warranted the cruel message, since she gave the guests their drinks and checked on them throughout their meal. She said they didn’t seem rude, impolite or bothered.

Tobias noted that no server deserves to find that message on a receipt and that she just wants to know why someone would write such a thing.

Stories about waiters being deprived of their tips often make headlines.  According to The Guardian, skipping out on the tip can truly harm American waiters. 

Sources: Fox 11The Guardian / Photo credit: Fox 11

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