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Pennsylvania Waitress Receives Tip To Pay For Nursing School (Video)

A Pennsylvania waitress received the biggest tip of her life when a 92-year-old millionaire paid for her entire college tuition.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania resident Melissa Mainer was working as a waitress to pay her nursing school loans, but she didn’t think that she would ever be able to make enough to get ahead.

On a normal day, Mainer was taking care of regular customer Benjamin Olewine. Olewine says that he knows the waitresses really well and knew about what Mainer was going through to pay for school.

"You get to know them. You get to know their backgrounds,” said Olewine. “You get to know their problems, and I just needed to help her.”

Olewine has made millions of dollars after founding Sysco Central Pennsylvania, and now that he’s older, he says he wants to give away as much as he can.

So when he was given the bill, he knew that the tip would be the full amount that Mainer needed to pay off her loans.

“His bill I can remember was three dollars and 45 cents," said Mainer.

"I said, 'Melissa, I'd be happy to pay your tuition.' And that's exactly how it happened," Olewine recalled.

Mainer says she was in shock and asked, “Is this really happening?”

Olewine said he had to tell her a few times to bring her tuition bill in, and when she finally did, he paid it in full. Roughly $20,000 later, Mainer is tuition-free, and is hoping to move on to a master’s degree, which Olewine reportedly has already offered to pay for.


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