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'My Jaw Dropped': Arkansas Waitress Receives $2,000 Tip From Stranger

A waitress in Fort Smith, Arkansas, became the latest to benefit from the extreme generocity of one of her customers, who left her a $2,000 tip this week.

Loran Lopez was working at Logan's Roadhouse on Tuesday evening when the anonymous woman, whom she had never waited on before, left her a four-figure tip, reports KFSM. Lopez says she didn't check the receipt immediately, but when she did, the gratuity shocked her.

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"I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor, and my heart stopped," Lopez said.

The customer was just as kind to other staff members that night. She reportedly tipped the bartender $700 and gave $100 to each cook.

"I had so many rough nights here lately, and then she did that," Lopez added. "I'm forever grateful for it too!"

Just last week, a waitress on Long Island, New York, received a $3,000 tip on a $43.50 meal from an anonymous customer who says he was inspired by a former middle school teacher, who started the ReesSpecht Life foundation in order to encourage people to pay it forward, reports Opposing Views. 

Similar stories have been reported in many parts of the country, including Chicago, where a cocktail waitress named Colleen Gallagher received a whopping $11,000 tip last July from Massachusetts businessman John Boc, who wanted to help the struggling single mother of two make ends meet, reports ABC News. 

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Sources: KFSM, Opposing Views, ABC News

Photo Credit: [Duncan]/Flickr 


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