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Waitress Left Stunned By What Customer Wrote In Tip Line Of Receipt (Photo)

A waitress got an amazing surprise when she picked up the credit card receipt signed by a customer and discovered she had been left a $200 tip.

An image posted on Imgur shows the generous tip accompanied by a heartfelt note thanking the waitress for her service.

“Brandi, thank you for your service,” the customer wrote on the back of the receipt. “I overheard you talking about your son. Use this to visit him.”

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Brandi was shocked that someone would leave her a $200 tip on a bill for $9.53, and according to Metro UK, she “broke down” when she realized what the customer had done.

“I completely broke down in the kitchen when the host brought this to show me,” the waitress recalled. “Kind and caring people do still exist.”

Photos of the tip and note have quickly gone viral since being posted on Imgur.

Sources: Metro UKImgur

Photo Source: Imgur



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