Waiter's Description Of Patrons Lands Him A Two Week Suspension (Video)


A 19-year-old server was suspended from his restaurant job for two weeks because of two words he wrote on a receipt.

Barnard Bradfield of Houston, Texas says his choice of words to describe a table of patrons at Bubba’s Bar and Grill was simply because he couldn’t remember their names, but restaurant management did not think it was acceptable for him to put “Black Girls” on their receipt.

"I was trying to remember the ladies' names but it wasn’t right, of course,” said Bradfield, who is black himself. “I just was trying to remember their names so I didn't give them a wrong order or anything."

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The women at the table saw what he wrote and weren’t happy, however, and although they left without issue, the receipt wound up being posted to social media, ultimately triggering angry reactions from people all over. Eliud Zapata, the restaurant’s general manager, says he was surprised by the reactions on social media because the women didn’t seem that bothered by it while they were actually dining.

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“They didn't make it a big deal,” Zapata said. “They were upset about it but they felt it wasn't personal, that we weren’t trying to be racist.”

Now, Bradfield has been suspended from Bubba’s for two weeks.

Sources: The Blaze, Click 2 Houston


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