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Waiter Receives $1,000 Tip To Reach His Dreams

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A South Carolina waiter received the surprise of a lifetime on Sunday when a customer tipped him $1,000.

Jesse Brown, 31, had been working at the Gulfstream Café in Garden City Beach for two months when he received the generous tip from a couple eating dinner at the restaurant.

“I’m still astonished over it,” Brown told The Sun News. “He told me it is to help me reach my dream so I have to use it for that.”

Brown described the couple as “very elegant and very humble.” The waiter had been working in food service for over a decade when he received the tip.

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The couple chatted with Brown about their move to Florida before the conversation moved to the topic of the waiter’s dreams, according to Myrtle Beach Online.

“We talked about God and I got very good vibes from them,” said Brown, “and they got good vibes from me.”

He informed the two that he hoped to own and manage a bed and breakfast one day.

“He then said he was going to help me fulfill that dream,” said the waiter. “I went about my business thinking in the back of my mind how was he going to do that.”

Halfway through the couple’s dinner, the man told Brown that he wished to give him a $1,000 tip and added the money to the tip line when the check came.

“It’s God driven and I’ll definitely make sure I do something positive with the money,” said Brown.

The 31-year-old told reporters that he wants to use his knowledge of the restaurant business to help fulfill his dream.

“I want to get as much wisdom and knowledge as I can," said Brown. "Working here for Jef [Kirk] is motivating. He’s a good boss."

When he received the tip, he immediately went to Kirk for counsel.

“I said ‘Thank you very much. I’m going to get my boss,’” said Brown. “Because I didn’t know if I could even accept something like that.”

According to Kirk, Brown deserved the tip.

“He’s a good worker, a very hard worker,” Kirk said.

Brown was not able to get their contact information but would like to thank the couple again for their generosity.

“He said he would come look me up sometime,” said the waiter.

Source: MyrtleBeachOnline, HeraldOnline

Photo Credit: The Sun News


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