Teen Uses Confederate Flag To Crash Into Classmate's Car


School officials in Mt. Washington, Kentucky, have decided that a teenager accused of smashing a car with a pole attached to a Confederate flag and calling its biracial car owner the N-word has not committed a hate crime.

Hayleigh Blevins, 18, is accused of crashing into a 17-year-old classmate's car near Bullitt East High School on Feb. 19, WDRB reported. Blevins allegedly obtained a Confederate flag from the vehicle of 18-year-old Nicholas Chapman and used it to hit the victim’s car. Chapman was charged with harassment for allegedly bumping into the victim and calling her names.

"It was over a thousand dollars worth of damage done to the car," Mt. Washington Police Detective Dan Kelty said, according to WDRB.

The victim’s family said they believe it was a hate crime.

“[Belvins] was standing in the middle of the road, waving the rebel flag, calling her the N-word multiple times," Tabitha Perkins, the victim’s mother, told WDRB.

Blevins is facing charges of criminal mischief and menacing.

Blevins' stepfather said the issue was not about race, just teenage drama.

Perkins said her daughter used to be friends with one of the two students who were arrested.

“Based upon information we have gathered, and information provided by the Mt. Washington Police Department, there is no evidence of a ‘hate crime,'” Eric Farris, Counsel to the Bullitt County Board of Education, said in a statement.

“There is evidence of some sort of relationship involving a male student and 2 female students that deteriorated into highly inappropriate and inflammatory language and, apparently, illegal conduct off school campus.”

However, the courts will end up deciding whether the incident qualifies as a hate crime or not.

Blevins’ Facebook page featured her photo with a Confederate flag overlay, according to Raw Story.

Sources: WDRB, Raw Story / Photo Credit: Hayleigh Blevins/Facebook, Police photo via WDRB

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