Grandma Dances In Waffle House Parking Lot (Video)


"Just be yourself" is great advice, but it's often easier said than done. But for one Georgia grandma, this isn't a problem.

In a video (below) recorded from inside a Waffle House in Georgia, a grandma can be seen completely embracing the idea as she dances her heart out, by herself, in the parking of the chain restaurant.

Some may tell a woman her age that she's "too old" to be acting this way, but we can all learn a valuable lesson from this lady that you just have to be yourself.

Not only did the woman have a great time dancing in the parking lot, but the customers inside the Waffle House got a great free show and can be heard enjoying themselves in the video.

Sources: LittleThingsAbby Tucker/Facebook,YouTube / Photo credit: Abby Tucker/Facebook

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