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Waffle House Worker Caught On Camera Pleasuring Himself

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A Georgia man has lost his job after a video of him pleasuring himself at a Waffle House restaurant surfaced recently.

The situation occurred on May 4, around lunchtime, when the man told a fellow employee he was about to masturbate at the Waffle House in Macon, Georgia. Though she did not take him seriously, the man placed his hands down his pants and began moving them up and down.

The woman then began to record the event on her phone when she realized he was masturbating.

She told authorities she recorded him for proof that he was actually committing the deed.

“She stated that as she was recording him, she was telling him the whole time that she was recording him and he was a pervert,” said a report. “She stated that he responded that he wasn’t a pervert, he was just a freak.”

The video has since ended up on Facebook, where it went viral.

After seeing the video, Waffle House issued a statement regarding the situation.

“In addition, we are cooperating with local authorities to explore if charges will be brought against this individual,” the statement read. “There is no place in our system for this type of conduct, and we will not tolerate it. This conduct is not indicative of the thousands of hard-working associates in our restaurants daily.”

According to the woman, the man was reportedly fired from his job.

The woman says she wanted to report the case to police officials for fear that the man would come back to the Waffle House for vengeance.

Source: NBC11, NBC41

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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