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Deadspin's Homophobic LeBron James Piece an Offensive Tirade

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On sports and non-sports networks alike, the coverage leading up to LeBron James’ decision on where to play next year has been anything but quiet. The courting of the NBA superstar, now a free agent, has elicited media buzz out of Miami, New York and Chicago (all of which are vying for James), however, the hour-long time block on ESPN to profile the star has brought out the worst in sports coverage.

Drew Magary’s piece “LeBron James Is A C**ksucker“  featured on the sports blog Deadspin, resorts to defamatory language to express irritation about James’ decision and ESPN’s coverage. Magary makes extremely poor judgment, first with the title, and then with four subsequent uses of the C-word.

Magary continues with hateful comparisons of James to gay men throughout. Magary describes ESPN thusly:

“They’re the whoringest whores that have ever whored. I heard they offered LeBron’s crew free b***jobs if he wins a title next year.”

The blogger does not end the defamatory attacks there. In criticizing James’ decision to give proceeds to The Girls and Boys Club of America—whose mission is grounded in helping the neediest young people “realize their potential”—Magary says:

“Hey ESPN, why don’t you spend an hour kissing my ass? Oh, don’t worry. We’ll give the money to AIDS babies”.

This blogger’s poor judgment, whether in jest or not, makes clear the need for more inclusive sports coverage, like the March 2010 Sports Illustrated profile of Brendan Burke, which was honored by GLAAD at its 21st Annual Media Awards in New York.

Let the author know that this type of hateful language is not welcome in sports journalism. Contact Drew Magary, the author of this Deadspin post, at

Three weeks ago, Brian Moylan’s  Gawker article “Where are all the bisexual men?” made a misguided attempt to encourage bisexual men to come out. The article defames bi women and minimizes bisexual people’s experiences of biphobia and discrimination.

Moylan’s highly problematic piece sites the coming out of bi celebrities such as Vanessa Carlton, Anna Paquin, Lady Gaga and Megan Mullaly as proof that being bisexual isn’t all that different from being straight:

“The funny thing about telling the world that you enjoy having sex with or are attracted to members of both sexes is that it is kind of like announcing to a room full of Americans that you are Canadian. Just like Canadians are basically Americans with a few subtle differences (healthcare, politeness, love of hockey) bisexuals are basically just straight people who like to get a little funky.”

Based on his interpretations of the personal lives of a handful of celebrities, Moylan draws the conclusion that being bisexual is easier for women. He claims it is unlikely, citing the marriages of Anna Paquin and Megan Mullaly, that a bi woman will ever have a relationship with another woman. He then makes the lewd assumption that bisexual women have an easier time dating (men) because:

“In fact, most straight guys would actually prefer imagining that Anna Paquin will not only sleep with them, but will bring her best girlfriend over for a three-way.”

This article is especially flippant and dismissive given recent data which suggests bisexual women have the worst health of anyone in the LGBT community, including greater instances of suicidal ideation.

Contact author Brian Moylan at Let him know that promoting stereotypes and spreading misinformation is unacceptable.


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