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VT Man Matthew Coleman Shoots Wife While Showing Her Gun Isn’t Loaded

A Vermont man who was attempting to show his wife that a gun his friend had brought into their house wasn’t loaded ended up doing the exact opposite.

Matthew Coleman, 37, ended up shooting his wife, Dorthea, in the legs and subsequently was arrested and charged with simple assault with a deadly weapon.

Matthew brought the 9mm handgun into the couple's bedroom so that children in the house wouldn’t be able to play with it. When Dorthea asked him if it was loaded, Matthew attempted to demonstrate that it wasn’t by pulling the trigger. The gun fired and a bullet hit Dorthea in one leg and exited through the other.

She was taken to a nearby hospital, Gawker reported.

According to the county's Deputy State’s Attorney, David Cahill, Matthew wasn’t charged with aggravated assault because he failed to demonstrate "extreme indifference to human life."

"Simply put, the state has charged Mr. Coleman for making a tragic, easily avoidable mistake," Cahill said. Matthew pleaded innocent.

Commenters responding to the story were not too sympathetic to Matthew’s situation.

“Just a small PSA, the correct way to check if a gun is loaded is not to point it toward a family member and pull the trigger,” wrote one.

Another respondent was even harsher. “Idiot, plain and simple. More ammo for the anti gun ownership movement.”

Sources: Gawker, WCAX


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