This Is The Video That Got A Cop Suspended (Video)


A California volunteer police officer was placed on administrative leave over a video she posted to YouTube proclaiming her hatred of bicyclists on the road.

Laura Weintraub posted a series of self-made clips to her YouTube account she calls “Cup Holder Commentary.”

She films the clips in a moving vehicle as she comments on whatever pops into her head. In her latest video, her husband drives around as she looks for bicyclists to make fun of.

“I hate bicyclists, every single one of them,” she declares.

At one point in the video she asks the driver of the car, her husband, how much she’d have to pay him to run over a cyclist.

“I am definitely moving somewhere where it snows all the time so I don’t have to put up with these A-holes,” she adds.

The video ends with an image of gruesome Mexico bike crash in 2008 in which a drunk driver plowed into a bicycle race.

Although she didn’t shoot the video while on duty, she was placed on administrative leave by the Santa Paula Police Department on Saturday. The department announced the move on its Facebook page.

“The purpose of this post is to notify the community that the volunteer who made the video about cyclist has been placed on Administrative Leave pending an investigation,” it said.

Another volunteer reserve officer was placed on leave for commenting on the Facebook post, according to police chief Steven McLean.

Sources: Daily MailNBC Los Angeles

Image screenshot: YouTube 


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