Visitors Report Sighting Of Man Dressed As Clown In Brooklyn Cemetery


An individual dressed as a clown has reportedly been walking around the historic Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.

According to the New York Daily News, the clown was spotted holding pink balloons as he crouched behind graves and walked around the mausoleum, apparently in an attempt to prank or frighten visitors.

The Greenwood Cemetery, one of the oldest and largest in New York, is commonly frequented by visitors of no relation to anyone buried there. The city also occasionally holds concerts and other events on the cemetery land. 

Still, officials say the clown is not welcome on the cemetery grounds.

“Green-Wood staff has no information about this individual and has not seen him nor have any lot owners or visitors reported a sighting. When and if he is spotted, he will be immediately escorted from the premises,” said Greenwood cemetery president Richard Moylan. 

Due to similar instances of individuals dressing as clowns taking place in recent months in places such as Staten Island and Northampton, England, the sighting at Greenwood Cemetery has thus far largely been viewed as a prank or a stunt.

The Greenwood cemetery clown was also caught on video, which can be viewed below.


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