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Visit to Pakistan

Pakistan is gift of nature. Only few countries in this world have such an ideal geographical location and superb climate. It has all four seasons. All sort of scenario including Sea, Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Hill stations, and Deserts. Travelling to be really worth. However due to negative images, tourists are afraid travelling to Pakistan.

Pakistan is supposed to be the most dangerous place of the world which is not true. There is lawlessness in few areas but Pakistan is a large country and unrest in one area does not mean that the whole country is disturbed. Like in India, Kashmir is burning but still tourists are visiting TaJ Mahal.

However this is the responsibility of Government to control unrest and build confidence of tourists and in the mean time also highlight attractive places of Pakistan which are safe and easy to visit by anyone without any fear.

Travelling to Pakistan can be divided in to different categories like:

1. Tourist places like Kaghan, Naran etc
2. Mountain Peaks like K-2
3. Desert Safari
4. Holy Places for:
a. Hindus
b. Sikh
c. Bodhas
5. Sports like Polo at Shandor (World's top most Polo ground)
6. Festivals like Basant

Pakistan is also gateway to Central Asian Countries and China. And also bordering Iran, Afghanistan and India.

Pakistan is comparatively economical country and its worth shopping here. There are many shopping centers of global standards in all major cities including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore etc.

People of Pakistan are very kind and welcome anyone travelling to Pakistan. Travelling to Pakistan will open doors to you to see mix culture, languages, landscapes and many more things.

Once you travel to Pakistan, you will see that propaganda is much more negative and Pakistan is not that insecure country and can be visited easily. You will surely advice others also for travelling to Pakistan.


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