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Virginia Woman Rescues Kitten Left To Die In Cardboard 'Tomb' (Photos)

A Virginia woman is seeking justice after she rescued a cat that was seemingly left for dead inside what she called a “cardboard and duct tape and plastic tomb.”

“I don’t think anyone intended for this cat to survive,” Lisa Suhay told WAVY.

Suhay’s neighbors in Norfolk, Virginia, spotted a cardboard box moving while they were out for a morning walk in the neighborhood on New Year's Day. When they got a closer look, they discovered that there was a cat trapped inside the box, which had been taped shut.

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The neighbors went to Suhay because they knew she had a cat carrier. Together, they rescued the cat and put her into the carrier.

“As soon as she was inside, and realized she was someplace warm and safe and there was food there, she started to purr like a jet engine,” Suhay told WAVY. “I can’t even imagine what it takes, what lack of humanity has to be going on for someone to do that to any living thing.”

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The kitten is currently on a “stray hold” at Norfolk Animal Care Center where employees will determine if the kitten was stolen from her family.

Suhay plans to adopt the kitten once she is released. She says she is considering naming the kitten Jet because she, “purred so much like a jet engine.” 

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Norfolk Police are investigating the situation as a case of animal cruelty.

Sources: WAVYLife With Cats / Photo credit: WAVY

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