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Mother Allegedly Left Her Son At Home Alone With No Food

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Virginia woman Charlotte Marie Smith was charged after police found her 9-year-old son home alone in a messy apartment with almost no food available.

Police arrived at the Newport News home on Monday around 3 a.m., after receiving reports that a child was calling for help from inside. When they knocked on the apartment door, the 9-year-old answered. The boy told police that he was home alone and didn’t know where his mother had gone. He also told police that he had been home since 2 a.m. and had just woken up.

The boy also noted that he didn’t have a way to contact his 29-year-old mother. When police attempted to contact Smith on two possible phone numbers, she never answered.

According to authorities, the apartment was disheveled and there was almost no food in the fridge.

Child Protective Services stayed with the boy until 6 a.m., though Smith did not return during that time. Her son was then taken into the custody of CPS.

Smith was arrested at 10:40 p.m. the same day and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor as well as child neglect. She was later released on summons, though her son is still in the custody of CPS.

Sources: WTKR, 13 News Now

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