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Virginia State Capitol Bans American Flags On Sticks, Allows Guns

Gun control activists were not allowed to bring American flags on sticks into the Virginia state capitol in Richmond, Va. on Monday for a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day event.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch notes that pro-gun groups, including the Virginia Citizens Defense League, were allowed to enter the capitol while armed with handguns and AR-15 assault rifles.

The pro-gun groups were celebrating their “Guns Save Lives” event on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the capitol, but failed to note that Dr. King was murdered with a gun.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s spokeswoman Gena Reeder told "We are sending a message that you cannot hand carry an American flag into a state capitol, but you can bring a loaded weapon. Are guns becoming more patriotic than an American flag?"

In February 2013, gun control activists were not allowed inside the Washington state capitol because they had signs on sticks, but people armed with rifles and handguns entered, reported The Seattle Times.

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