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Virginia Shooter Called Alison Parker Racist After Murdering Her On Live TV (Video)

The man who shot and killed news reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward on live TV did so because he considered some of Parker's expressions racist, reports NY Post.

“Alison made racist comments,” the gunman wrote on Twitter after he shot the pair and posted a video of it on his page. “They hired her after that??”

Vester Lee Flanagan II worked at the same news station as Parker and Ward in Roanoke, Virginia, until he was fired in February 2013, after which he filed a discrimination lawsuit and an internal complaint about Alison's language. He reportedly complained that she would talk about "swinging by" a location, and that she was working "in the field."

"He would look at us and say, ‘What are you saying, cotton fields? That’s racist,’” cameraman Trevor Fair said of Flanagan. “We’d be like, ‘What?’ We all know what that means, but he took it as cotton fields, and therefore we’re all racists."

"This guy was a nightmare," Fair added. "Management's worst nightmare."

According to Fair, Flanagan took every small gesture as a racial jab, including an instance when a manager brought in watermelon for all employees.

“Of course, he thought that was racist," Fair said. "He was like, 'You’re doing that because of me.’ No, the general manager brought in watermelon for the entire news team. He’s like, ‘Nope, this is out for me. You guys are calling me out because I’m black.’”

Flanagan reportedly called 7-Eleven racist for selling watermelon-flavored Slurpees.

"That was his MO — to start s**t,” video editor Ryan Fuqua ­explained. “He was unstable. One time, after one of our live shots failed, he threw all his stuff down and ran into the woods for like 20 minutes.”

Two years later, Flanagan exacted his revenge on the woman who critically misspoke.

In the graphic video below, Flanagan shoots Parker and Ward in the middle of a live interview. Parker screams and tries to run away, but he shoots her and Ward several times.

When police later raided Flanagan's messy home in Roanoke, Virginia, they found unwashed sex toys, gay porn, minimal furniture, pictures of himself on his refrigerator, and cat feces, which he would reportedly throw at neighbors during arguments.

Sources: NY Post, YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube


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