Virginia Shelter Asks Public For Help Identifying Man Who Abandoned Dogs (Photo)


A Virginia animal shelter has asked the public to help identify a person who reportedly threw three dogs over the fence of the shelter and drove away. The scene was captured was captured in a series of photos, which the shelter has released.

The Colonial Heights Animal Shelter wrote a Facebook post about the Nov. 25 incident, adding that the three dogs have improved since their first day at the shelter, WTVR reports. However, the shelter is still waiting on a final report from a veterinarian on the physical conditions of all three dogs.

Dr. Jennifer Morris, a veterinarian at the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty center in Richmond, noted that the abandonment of dogs is seen far too often.

“As an emergency veterinarian, I see the animals that are just left and abandoned and neglected and haven’t been taken care of and those animals come into us very sick and sometimes don’t make it,” Morris told WTVR.

Morris noted that there are foster network and drop off locations for people who can’t keep their pets.

“There’s a lot of people who want to take over these animals," she added. "There’s more risk of penalty or getting in trouble for not taking care of your animal and leaving it in poor conditions. It’s so much better to get it to people who want to take care of it, can take care of it, have the resources to take care of it.”

Throwing animals over a fence is likely considered animal cruelty, according to CBS Legal Analyst Todd Stone. The class one misdemeanor could be punished with up to 12 months in jail and a fine of $2,500.

Here is a picture of the car that the person who threw the dogs over the fence was driving, courtesy of WTVR:

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The shelter believes that it is a 2005 blue of green Ford F-150 with a dog box and tool box in the bed. The shelter encourages anyone with information regarding this car to call 804-520-9397.

Sources: WTVRNBC / Photo Credit: WTVR

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