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K9 Police Dog Attacks Bystander In Virginia (Video)

A K9 police dog was reported;y let loose by a cop and attacked a bystander in Petersburg, Virginia, on April 30 (video below).

Police were answering a call about a fight and a possibly an armed man. While the cops questioned a suspect, the suspect got away and the police dog was released, notes WWBT.

However, the K9 attacked one of the bystanders, Rafer Allen, in a crowd that gathered, police said.

Brandon Barner, a friend of Allen's, filmed the incident on his cell phone.

"Get this [expletive] dog off me man!" Allen shouts at the police officer in the video.

"What the f---, you let the dog bite him," someone off-camera, possibly Barner, yells.

"I stood there like I'm going to take the bite," Allen told WWBT following the incident. "I don't got no other choice. I'm not about to run. He's too close up on me."

Allen recalled that he was trying to get his kids out of the area and added:

When I fall to the ground, he shake my arm. I'm looking at the police officer telling him, "Get your dog! Get your dog off me!" The dog see a lot of people, so the dog don't know where to go.

The dog ain't letting me go so he choked the dog and the dog let me go. Why do you have to do all that if it's your dog and you've had it for decades?

The Petersburg Police said in a press release:

The canine unit officer on scene released the dog who bit a person not involved in the altercation. The person refused medical treatment and left the scene. The dog has been removed from service pending a complete investigation and the officer is still on regular duty.

Police described the real suspect as being a black male with braids who was wearing gray jogging pants.

The police said the suspect left behind his coat, which had a gun inside it, notes WTVR.

Sources: WWBTWTVR / Photo Credit: Brandon Barner via Ashley Monfort NBC12/Facebook

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