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Virginia Police Harass Black Man For Eating Oatmeal In Car (Video)

Roy Leeshun Williams recently posted a video of a police officer harassing him while he sat in his car eating oatmeal outside his hotel room in Richmond, Virginia on May 25.

Williams originally posted the video (below) on his Facebook page, but it went viral.

In the video, Williams is sitting in his car when a Richmond police officer walks up and demands to see his ID.

Williams cracks his window and asks the officer why he needs to see his ID, but the officer won't say why.

Williams holds his ID and his gun permit card up against the window, but won't give either to the officer.

The officer repeatedly knocks on Williams' car for nearly four minutes, notes A second officer joins the scene.

The police eventually leave, but Williams runs into them when he enters the hotel.

"I was in a incident back in February where, similar incident, they got out the car and walked up on me for no reason,” Williams explained to NBC12.

"I just feel like I'm a target, majority and most of the time,” Williams added.

Dana Schrad, of the VA Association of Chiefs of Police, defended the police:

"You've got to look at all of this in context ... It's always a good idea to cooperate with law enforcement. If you give an officer any reason to suspect negatively why you're not cooperating with that officer, then it leads an officer to think that you may have something to hide ... You may think that you're being harassed, when in fact, the officer is trying to protect you or other people in the area."

Schrad didn't say why a police officer would knock on a car for nearly four minutes or what the knocking aimed to accomplish.

The hotel told NBC12 it did not call the police on Williams, and the Richmond Police Department refused to say whether or not it was investigating the officer in question over the incident.

Sources: Facebook,, NBC12
Image Credit: Facebook/YouTube Screenshot


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