Virginia Pastor Fabricated Shooting, Robbery By Black Man, Say Police

Pastor George Hunley claimed last Thursday that he was ambushed by a black man in Louisa County, Virginia.

Pastor Hunley told police that he saw a black family on the side of the road with apparent car trouble and pulled over to help them.

He claimed a black man suddenly pulled a gun on him and robbed him. According to Pastor Hunley, he struggled with the black man, and was shot twice in the leg before he managed to escape, make it back home and call the police, noted NBC12.

Pastor Hunley refused to take lie detector test, which he believed was inconclusive.

He was arrested on Friday for allegedly making false statements to police, reports WTVR.

Pastor Hunley was treated for his wounds on Thursday night.

Sources: NBC12, WTVR
Image Credit: Louisa Sheriff’s Office Media Handout


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