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Virginia Mom Says She Pimped Daughter Out Because She 'Needed Money'

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Law enforcement officials arrested a Virginia mother after she reportedly sold her daughter into prostitution to various men.

Officers began investigating Mellisa Bennett, 34, after her 18-year-old daughter informed police officers of what her mother was doing.

The girl claims that after she turned 18, her mother would “persuade, harass and assist” her into performing sexual favors for money.

According to the warrant, incidents of sexual assault occurred several times throughout the city of Norfolk, Virginia.

Text messages between the Virginia Beach mother and daughter revealed that young woman was sold into prostitution because the family “needed money”.

The incidents occurred between late April and June 11.

Bennett would occasionally drive her daughter to an old school building in the city to meet with men.

The mother was arrested on July 17. She admitted to the crimes and said she used the money to pay for rent, hotel rooms, gas bills and cellphone bills.

She claimed she was with her daughter whenever she met with men so she could protect her.

She has been charged with felony receiving money from the earnings of prostitution, otherwise known as pandering.

The daughter faces no charges.

Source: WAVY, WTKR / Photo credit: WTKR


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