Police: Mother Arrested After 4-Month-Old Baby Ingests Rubbing Alcohol

A Virginia woman is facing allegations of child abuse after her 4-month-old baby was admitted to the hospital and doctors determined the child had ingested rubbing alcohol, police said earlier this week. 

WRIC News reports police arrested 27-year-old Tashell Alicia Coleman of Henrico, Virginia, on March 31 after Coleman took the baby to the hospital because she said the child’s behavior had changed. 

Doctors called police to the hospital to investigate after determining the young boy had ingested rubbing alcohol. 

Henrico Police Department spokesman Lt. Chris Eley told WTVR News that Coleman admitted to the investigating officers that she had mixed the rubbing alcohol into the child’s bottle in order to calm the child down. Investigators believe Coleman had been feeding the mixture to the boy for about two months, Eley sad. 

Coleman denies the claim. 

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In an interview with WTVR, Coleman said that feeding the alcohol to the boy was an accident. She explained that her son’s father had broken a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the house and used a clear plastic water bottle to store the remaining alcohol. Later, when she went to make up a bottle for the baby, she used the alcohol thinking it was water, Coleman said.

She said the minute the boy started to cry and act strange she took him to the hospital and she was as shocked as anyone to discover the baby had alcohol in his system. 

“I wouldn’t intentionally do this to my child,” Coleman told WTVR. “I love my kids. I would do anything for my kids.”

Police charged Coleman with felony child neglect. She was arraigned Thursday and released on bond. 

Authorities removed the baby and Coleman’s 3-year-old daughter from her home. The baby has recovered and is reportedly doing well. Both children are staying with relatives. 

Coleman has been ordered not to have contact with her children until the case is resolved. 

Sources: WRIC News, WTVR News

Photo Credit: WRIC News


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