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Virginia Mom: The Blind Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Carry Concealed Guns

In the state of Virginia, being blind is not a legitimate reason to be denied a firearm. In fact, current law allows blind people to file for a concealed carry permit -- even if they need help filling out the application, let alone finding their target.

But Gena Reeder, Richmond Chapter Lead for Moms Demand Action would like to change that.

“If you are physically not competent to fire that weapon then you're posing a threat to public safety," Reeder says. "It's one thing to have a firearm for your personal safety at home but when you get your concealed carry permit you are presumed to be carrying a loaded weapon out in public."

Common sense may dictate that blind people carrying guns is a recipe for accidents -- and deadly ones at that -- but gun-rights activists have a different take, and don’t understand why anyone’s right to bear arms should be infringed upon, even if they don’t know what they may be shooting at.

Reeder is not even requesting that blind people be denied the right to keep guns in their homes, just that they not be permitted to walk around in public with the weapons. Still, not everyone agrees.

"A blind person that might be under attack could push the gun towards the person, maybe even possibly touch them and then pull the trigger," says Philip Van Cleave of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, "That would be a more effective weapon then them trying to fight with a knife."

Both Reeder and Van Cleave will be stating their respective cases at the General Assembly early next year.

The blind may also legally carry concealed weapons in the state of Iowa, thanks to a ruling that nobody can be barred from the “right” due to physical disability.

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