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Virginia Man Lee Uses False CIA Identity To Marry Multiple Women

It’s illegal to be married to two women in the state of Virginia. So if you want to get around the law, you’ve got to be creative.

Williamsburg, Virginia resident David Jin Lee, 26, was busted recently creating an elborate fake identity for himself while married to two women.

One wife was a sailor in Norfolk, and the other was a woman living in Fairfax City, an area about three hours north of Norfolk.

In order to pull of his multi-wife scheme, Lee told each woman he was in the CIA. So when he was spending time with one wife, the other thought he was away doing work for the agency. The whole scheme was working pretty well until this week.

While staying in Fairfax, Lee told his Norfolk wife that he had been captured and tortured in North Korea. Of course, it follows that he needed money. When his wife, a sailor, asked the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) about her husband’s health, she was told some interesting news.

Not only was her husband not being tortured in North Korea, but he wasn’t even in the CIA. The woman, shocked asked the NCIS to dig up some more information on her husband. They discovered that he was legally married to a woman in Fairfax. Fairfax Police investigated his home, in which they found Lee, his wife, and several children who testified that Lee is their father.

Talk about a shocker for Ms. Norfolk.

Lee is now being charged with bigamy, a class four felony in Virginia.

“That means bigamy here in Virginia, and it’s a serious offense,” City of Fairfax police Lt. Craig Buckley said.

Buckley added that police officers also found materials that Lee had used to create fake badges and documents to support his CIA narrative.

“They did find a laminating machine and several laminating materials that could have been used to manufacture those identification cards, so that was certainly of use.

“It’s not every day that someone will go to these lengths to perpetrate such a fraud or a con against someone, and it seems to be, at least on the surface, pretty sophisticated and has been able to dupe, unfortunately, dupe two young ladies into his fraud,” Buckley said.

Sources: WTOP, NBC Washington


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