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Virginia Man Kills 650-Pound Black Bear During Hunting Trip

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A hunter in Virginia killed a 650-pound black bear, said to be one of the largest ever hunted in the state, on a hunting trip with his son.

Patrick Coffey, a resident of Reva, Virginia, was out hunting with his 19-year-old son and a group of friends on December 13th when he spotted the giant bear in the distance.

“It was just a regular hunting day,” Coffey said. The bear was about 300 yards away from him and was “busy foraging, looking for acorns.” He slowly made his way towards the animal, and finally shot him from about 130 yards.

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Coffey said the bear “went down easy,” and he initially didn’t realize just how large his catch was. “I realized how big he was when I shot him,” Coffey said. “He was obviously an older bear.”

The bear, which measured 8 feet from nose to tail, was originally estimated to weigh 500 pounds. When the hunter and his friends got it to a scale, however, they realized just how large it actually was.

The scale measured past its maximum 550 pounds, and Coffey said the bear likely weighs an “easy 650.”

“That’s a black bear of a lifetime for any hunter,” Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries spokesman Lee Walker said. Walker said most black bears average 300-400 pounds.

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After the hunt, Coffey and his friends took the bear back to his home, where they skinned it and split the 100 pounds of meat evenly. The hunter said his friends were “pretty amazed” by the rare catch.

“It is not an everyday occurrence that you run across a 650-pound bear in Virginia.”

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