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VA Man Holds Woman, Children Captive For Years (Photos)

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A Virginia man was arrested after authorities discovered that he had been holding a woman and two children captive in his home for more than two years.

Kariem Ali Muhammad Moore, 43, was taken into custody by local police on July 29, according to WTVR. Police were conducting a welfare check at the house and found Moore to be uncooperative when they asked to look inside.

As police spoke with Moore, a woman and two children, ages 11 and 8, escaped from the house by running out a side door and toward the officers as they sought safety.

The woman said that they had not been allowed to leave the house in more than two years. Investigators also noted that they did not believe the children had ever been to school. Moore is the apparent father of the children, but his relation to the woman is unknown. They are not married.

The woman was rushed to a local hospital for serious health issues that appeared to have been untreated for the years she spent locked inside the home. The children were also examined but were released after they were determined to be healthy.

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Moore was charged with three felony counts of abduction and felony assault and battery. Police said that more charges could still be filed.

The investigation into the family was launched by police after they received a tip from an anonymous caller that expressed concern for the family's well-being, according to The Free Lance-Star. They said that they had not seen or heard from the family in quite some time.

Police then visited the one-story home in rural Virginia, later discovering the woman and children. They were not sure how Moore was able to keep the woman and children inside the home for so long, although they discovered Moore did not have a job and rarely left the home himself.

All three of the victims were American citizens. Moore's nationality was not immediately clear.

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WWBT reported that Moore had covered all the windows and doors to the home. He is being held without bail at a local county jail.

According to law corporation Wallin & Klarich, felony abduction can lead to between one to four years in prison, as well as a fine. Judges also weigh the safety of the victim during the abduction during sentencing, with longer sentences handed down for harm or illness sustained as a result of the kidnapping.

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