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Virginia Man Brandon Howard Detained After Protesting Obama With Loaded Weapons

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Virginia Tea Party member Brandon Howard protested above busy overpasses with an assault rifle and semi-automatic handgun in sight, claiming to express his Second Amendment right to protest the “tyrant in office” President Obama.

Howard said his guns were loaded during his protest with a group seeking to impeach Obama, though he doesn't think the loaded weapons scared anyone.

“We’re a nation of laws,” Howard said. “The law of Virginia is that I can carry my weapon openly.”

However, the Hopewell police seemed to disagree with Howard when six of them surrounded the Tea-partier with guns pointed in his direction.

Howard reported that the officers had illegally searched him, illegally confiscated his weapons and illegally detained him.

The Hopewell police chief said Howard will not be charged and that the department is investigating into the police officers’ actions.

Had Howard caused a notable disruption or been the cause of injury, charges could then have been filed, according to Hopewell Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Sources: CBS News, The Huffington Post


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