Man Beats Up Roommate For Leaving Something Special On His Face


Virginia man James Watson was convicted of assault and battery after beating up his roommate. What brought on the attack? The roommate drew a penis on his face while he slept.

Watson and his two roommates were out drinking on a Friday night in March when they returned home and Watson fell asleep on the couch.

When Watson woke up he felt a “tingling” on his face, which prompted him to look in a mirror. When he saw the cartoon genitalia drawn on his face, he immediately found his roommate and began punching the victim in the face.

Though Watson argued that the two had a verbal argument before fighting, the victim and the third roommate insisted that the victim had been asleep.

The victim suffered a broken nose, a swollen eye and other facial injuries.

Watson was arrested and jailed, where he was ridiculed for having the penis drawn on his face.

An Arlington County Circuit Court judge sentenced Watson to a $1,250 fine and restitution on the misdemeanor charge.

Sources: ARL Now, The Huffington Post


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