Virginia Mall Shooter Posts Online Prior To Attack


An 18-year-old student allegedly shot two women at a community college in Christiansburg, Virginia, on Friday. Prior to the incident, Neil MacInnis, believed to be the shooter, posted his intentions to an online message board.

"I'm nervous because I've never really handled a shotgun but a few times with the Christiansburg police," typed a poster they believe to be MacInnis. "I'm gonna give y'all the details because the news never gets it right,” and "Wish me luck." reported earlier that the shooting was apparently announced on the 4chan message boards just three minutes before it was reported.

What makes the attack even more unnerving is that MacInnis had completed the Christiansburg Police Department Citizens Academy program last year. As a part of the program, participants were allowed to ride along with officers, tour the officers’ training facility and practice shooting firearms at a shooting range.

The shooter walked into the college lobby with a shotgun in his hand and allegedly shot two women, who were then taken to local hospitals.

MacInnis is currently in custody. The community college was closed on Friday after the shooting and Saturday classes were canceled.

Sources: Gawker, USA Today


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