Virginia Gun Store Gave Out AR-15 Magazines To Voters On Election Day

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A gun store encouraged people to get out and vote Tuesday by offering free 30-round AR-15 magazines to anyone who presented a voter ID or active duty military ID.

Quantico Tactical in Woodbridge, Va., advertised the event on their Facebook page stating, “No Strings Attached – No Purchase Necessary.”

If the store had asked for proof of voting it would have been guilty of electioneering, the federal crime of effectively buying votes, reported ThinkProgress.

But on the store’s Facebook page, it promised to give people who didn’t have ID a magazine just for wearing am “I Voted” sticker.

“The idea is to reward people who voted,” the store wrote. “If you cast a provisional ballet [sic](and don't have a voter registration card, simply show up with the "I Voted" sticker and our people will take care of you!”

There was a line of people waiting at the store for their free Magpul magazine, according to the Capitol City Project.

The original idea for the event was apparently much more involved.

“Originally, we were going to bring our smoker up, feed people, have an elections results watch party. Unfortunately, the boss (and chief cook) couldn't get away to spend a day cooking, so we fell back on ‘PMAGs’ only,” the store said.

“I thought that was pretty freaking cool,” J.J. Johnson of Reality Survival said. “It’s also a great way to support the Second Amendment and, you know, just encourage people to get involved in the voting process and the democratic process to make a change, you know, for the better.”

Johnson gave a shout out to Quantico Tactical on YouTube after he received his free magazine.

Johnson said the store was also selling PMAG magazines at five for $50, “a pretty awesome deal — pre-Sandy Hook prices, for sure.”

Virginia failed to elect NRA-approved Republican Ken Cuccinelli for governor Tuesday. Democrat Terry McAuliffe won the election, a candidate who the NRA gave an F rating.

Sources: Raw Story, ThinkProgress


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