Virginia Farmer Captures Sex Offender Fleeing From Police Chase

A Charles City County, Virginia, farmer intercepted a man on his land last week fleeing a police chase.

Andrew Leroy Williams, a convicted sex offender, was being pursued by officers for unauthorized use of a vehicle when he crashed and fled in to the woods.

“I was out in the field on my tractor about 300 or 400 yards behind my dad’s house and I saw a fellow up at the back door,” Richard Nice explained to WRIC. “He matched the description. He had dreadlock hair and short pants on.”

Williams had been driving a Mitsubishi SUV which his roommate had reported stolen, according to police.

“He didn’t look too great after coming through the woods. He looked a little dirty and rough looking,” Nice told WTVR. “There was no doubt in my mind that he was the guy.”

Police arrived on the scene shortly afterwards to arrest Williams.

“I got what I needed in my hands to feel safe about it,” Nice commented. “I just told him, best sit down on the ground and wait till the law gets here.”

Although Williams is safely behind bars, two deputies continue their recovery after being involved in a collision during the initial chase.

Captain Jayson Crawley and detective Charlie Hargis were airlifted to hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries after the crash, WRIC reported.

The collision occurred as an unmarked police car, a Crown Victoria, pulled out of a gas station and crashed into another unmarked vehicle, a Dodge Charger, which was in pursuit of Williams.

Williams served a six-year prison term for a rape conviction in Baltimore County, Maryland, in 2006, WTVR reported.

The pursuit of Williams forced all local schools to go in to lock down for several hours.

Sources: WRIC, WTVR/ photo credit: WTVR, Charles City County Sheriff


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