Virginia Family Says They're Being Evicted Because Their Disabled Son Is 'Too Loud'


A Virginia building management company evicted a family from their Arlington apartment after allegedly stating their disabled 10-year-old son is too loud.

The company told the Diaz family they must leave their apartment by the end of January 2016, prompting fears they’ll need to stay at a shelter, NBC reports.

Elder Diaz developed disabilities after a day care worker beat him when he was a toddler. He suffered cerebral trauma and now occasionally experiences seizures and cannot move one of his legs as well as the other, according to The Washington Post.

The Diaz family said they told the management company about Elder's condition when they moved in, handing in a note signed by a pediatrician. 

There were no issues until the property manager started complaining about Elder’s shouting and singing in the apartment above hers.

“She is the only one who is annoyed by the noise my son does,” Elder’s mother, Deysi Diaz, told NBC.

“Everybody here has kids, and they make noise,” the boy's father, Francisco Diaz, told The Washington Post.

The family says it has gotten to the point where their children, Elder and his 4-year-old sister, Brianna, have not opened their Christmas gifts. Their parents fear the noise will anger their neighbor.

While the management company offered another apartment, it is a smaller and more expensive one the family cannot afford.

Francisco is a construction worker, while Deysi works as a tortilla maker, The Washington Post reports.

The property manager has not given the family a reference that would help them move elsewhere, despite requests for one.

Sources: NBCThe Washington PostSheKnows / Photo credit: The Washington Post

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