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Virginia Daycare Workers Fired For Mocking Child On Instagram


Two daycare workers at A Heavenly Haven in Newport News, Virginia, have been fired after posting a photograph of a child on Instagram with a caption mocking the child’s inability to speak.

The photograph shows Ethan Jordan, a three-year-old boy with delayed speech development, sitting in a high chair with his head rested on his arm. The caption reads “I’m sick of this s***!”

Another worker at the daycare facility posted a comment on the picture that said “He really look like that’s exactly wat he is thinking cuz sure can’t talk.”

The boy’s mother, Melissa Jordan, happened to come across the photograph online. She was outraged, and brought the incident to the attention of the facility’s management.

“I was concerned about my child, and I was hurt because I trusted them with Ethan,” she said. “What? I pay them to humiliate my child?”

“I was disgusted, and my feelings were hurt because they are making fun of Ethan because he isn’t able to talk,” Jordan continued. “They are making a joke out of him…he looks so defeated in that picture.”

The employee who posted the picture also had a photograph of another child on her Instagram account, comparing his teeth to those of a character from the movie Cars.

A Heavenly Haven operator Juanita Brown publicly apologized to Jordan and her family, asking for their forgiveness and assuring that both employees involved in the incident had been fired.

Sources: Daily Mail, WAVY


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