Virginia Christian Group Plans 40-Day Fast to Protest Gay Marriage

A group of zealous Virginia Christians are planning a 40-day fast to protest same-sex marriage.

The Family Foundation of Virginia will go 40 days without eating to promote a conservative definition of marriage. It is encouraging pastors and congregations to do the same between Aug. 27 and Oct. 5 in an effort to fight the legalization of gay marriage in Virginia and nationwide.

“Our nation, built on a Judeo-Christian foundation, has been greatly blessed by the Lord, but instead of being thankful, we have turned our back on the Lord and His teachings and have and followed after other gods,” TFF wrote in a press release. “That is why we are asking you to join us zealously in humility and fasting in repentance before God and implore Him to heal our land.”

Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wilderness, giving the Family Foundation fast special meaning.

TFF will distribute sermon outlines and video clips to pastors around the country to get more participants in on the effort of abstinence. Calling it a “David vs. Goliath battle,” the dates of the fast line up with the beginning of the Supreme Court session on Oct. 6. 

“The federal government, the news media, Hollywood, the public education system and big business all are arrayed on the side of same-sex 'marriage,'" TFF wrote.

Spokesperson Chris Freund said he didn’t have a count of participating congregations yet, but that the foundation had received plenty of hate mail.

“We’ve gotten tons of emails telling us they hope we starve and die,” Freund told The New York Daily News. “It’s sad that the folks demanding tolerance are ultimately completely intolerant of any view point that isn’t theirs.”

TFF, founded in 1985, was a driving force in the passing of Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban in 2006. A federal judge overturned the ban in February. Since then, Virginia attorney general Mark Herring switched sides on the debate, announcing he would no longer defend the amendment and instead join the lawsuit against the state.

Sources: The New York Daily News, TFF


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