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Virginia Boy Turns In $300 He Found At Walmart Just Before The Holidays (Video)


An 11-year-old Virginia boy found $300 in lost cash at a Walmart store in November and turned it in to a store worker (video below).  

William Garrison was visiting the Walmart in Manassas, Virginia, on Nov. 20 when he found the money on the floor near a cash register, according to a video his school posted on YouTube to highlight the boy's good deed. William was on a field trip with classmates from Mayfield Intermediate School at the time.

After the boy found the money, he reportedly turned it in to the cashier at the register.

"It could have been someone's money to pay the bills, it could have been someone's money to pay for their car," William, who has special needs, said in the YouTube video when asked why he didn't just pocket the cash and walk away.

The boy's single mother, Natalie Pitkin, told WTTG that she is proud of her son for doing the right thing even though the family was struggling to make ends meet.

"I personally as a mom, this time of year, I wouldn't have done it, but I am so hard on [my kids] to do the right thing," Pitkin, who has four children and is disabled, said.

"You find something, you find out who owns it, it's just doing the right thing," she added.

After William turned in the money, the store reportedly tried to hand it over to law enforcement. The police wouldn't accept it because it hadn't been reported stolen.

When no one came forward to claim the money after a month, Walmart managers decided to donate it to the Children's Miracle Network, a local children's hospital. 

They gave William a $40 gift card to reward him for his honesty and thoughtfulness.

Store employees also took a picture with the boy, which his school posted online along with the YouTube video.

This was not the first time a young child made a decision about what to do with lost cash.

On Dec. 7, an 8-year-old boy turned in a large sum of money he found in the parking lot of a store in Fort Collins, Colorado, while shopping with his family for materials for a Cub Scouts project, the Coloradoan reports.

The boy said he will give the money to his church or the local food bank if no one claims it after 40 days. 

Sources: WTTG, YouTube, Coloradoan / Photo credit: WTTG

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