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Virgin America Encourages Flirting Between Passengers

For folks looking to join the so-called "mile-high club," their best bet may be Virgin America Airlines, which is officially encouraging in-flight flirting.

Virgin America's new "seat-to-seat delivery" allows passengers to "break the ice" by sending drinks and/or meal to a possible love interest on the flight, according to

Passengers can find a fellow traveler on Virgin's digital seat map via the "Red touch screen entertainment system."

If that wasn't enough to get motors started, passengers can also send flirts through the seat-to-seat messaging system, reports

The special service began on Los Angeles to Las Vegas flights, but is now available on all Virgin America flights beginning this week.

Virgin America founder Sir Richard Branson introduces the pick-up service on an in-flight video and claims the chances of success are at least 50 percent (the same as your chances in the airport).

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